The International Film Festival «Hero and Time» will take place from 25 May to 2 June 2019 in Zheleznovodsk and other towns of the Caucasus Mineral Waters agglomeration. The Festival will be held with the support of the Government of Stavropol region and the Governor Vladimir Vladimirov.

The Festival was initiated by well-known artists and members of the Russian Artistic Union: actor and director Sergei Puskepalis, writer and columnist Zahar Prilepin, theatre producer and director Eduard Boyakov and film producer Vadim Goryaynov.

A new showcase of the best films depicting the most topical problems of modern times will draw the attention of the audience to a realistic figure of the hero who can be identified with the modern era’s spirit. History shows that such a hero is able to provide leadership in the release and distribution of such films both at home and abroad.

It is not by chance that Zheleznovodsk was selected for hosting the Festival. Its dramatic geography was an important location for Lermontov’s Pechorin adventures and for the poet himself who was killed in a duel at the foot of the Mashuk Mountain. A spa resort in Russian literature and art is not only a place to relax and have a good time but very often it can be a place featuring important events that can influence the biography of the hero.

The key aim of the Festival is to establish an esthetical agenda popularising traditional values, creative ideas and promotion of Russian cinema at home and abroad by means of cinematography.

Developing international cooperation, getting to know talented authors from all over the world, creating a unique and wholesome artistic environment are also of utmost importance for the Festival.

The Festival will also aim at finding and supporting young talent, helping the development of modern playwriting and film production and creating a favourable platform for the exchange of ideas and skills related to the international film industry.

Festival Programs:

  • Feature films competition (12 films)
  • Documentary films competition (12 films)
  • Program «Name. Hero and Time» will also become a very important occasion during the Festival. It will be a sequence of events dedicated to an outstanding Russian filmmaker. A special prize will be awarded, there will be a retrospective screening of the winner’s films as well as exhibitions, conferences, lectures and meetings with the audience. This wide range of events will enable participants to immerse themselves in the artistry of the outstanding film master and understand his/her artistic ideas.
  • Program «Multimedia, animation» (15 events, exhibitions)
  • Special Film Programs, Festival presentations in the towns of the agglomeration
  • Educational Programs (retrospective screenings with discussions afterwards, master-classes and topical round tables)

A unique annual interdisciplinary program of artistic residences will be launched in addition to the main Festival week. It will consist of seminars, hands on workshops and artistic laboratories that will envelop the whole process of filmmaking from script writing and producing to editing and subtitles design. The main results of the work of residences and artistic laboratories will be shown during the Festival.

Festival Prizes:

  • Gran-Prix
  • Best Director
  • Best Script
  • Artistic vision (Director of Photography/Film Editor/Artistic Director)
  • Best Director of Photography
  • Best Actor
  • Special Prize
  • Honorary Prize «Name. Hero and Time»
  • Audience Prize

The organisers hope that the annual Festival «Hero and Time» with its interdisciplinary educational and artistic residences program will become a driver for the development of the region and will strengthen the status of the Zheleznovodsk agglomeration as an important federal cultural centre.

Festival Board

Sergei Puskepalis, Актер и режиссер

Sergei Puskepalis

actor and director

Eduard Boyakov, театральный продюсер и режиссер

Eduard Boyakov

heatre producer and director

Vadim Goryainov, кинопродюсер

Vadim Goryainov

film producer

Zakhar Prilepin, писатель и публицист

Zakhar Prilepin

writer and publicist


Feature films

Miewoharu / Eriko, Pretended / Эрико-притворщица

28.05 (Tue) / 19:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
29.05 (Wed) / 14:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Japan, 2016, 93 мин. 16+ Еuropean Premiere.

Eriko left her native village to become an actress in Tokyo 10 years ago. She was not a success as an actress and it seemed to her that there was no hope. Eriko’s sister dies suddenly and she has to go back home to look after her nephew.

Having talked to the relatives, Eriko discovers that her sister’s job was wailing at funerals. Eriko agrees to take over her sister’s job. Being an actress, she is trying to play this new part and only then realizes how deeply protected she was by her sister’s love all these 10 years.

Sudani FROM NIGERIA / Судани из Нигерии

31.05 (Fri) / 16:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
01.06 (Sat) / 14:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

India 2018, 120 мин. 12+ Еuropean Premiere.

Majeed, like many people in his town of Malappuram in Kerala in the south of India, passionately loves football. He is a manager of a local football club “MYC Accode” responsible for recruiting foreign players. Majeed manages to get three talented Nigerian players who bring the team talent and glory. Samuel, one of the star players, has injured his back suddenly and has to recover in bed for two months.

Majeed invites Samuel to his house and takes care of him with the help of his mother, friends and neighbours. Despite their cultural differences Majeed and Samuel form an unlikely bond through their mutual love of football.

CHEHEL KACHAL / Forty Baldies / Сорок лысых

30.05 (Thu) / 13:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
31.05 (Fri) / 14:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Iran, 2017, 86 min. 12+ Russian Premiere.

A quiet village in the north of Iran is hit by storm and flood. The protagonist of the story Asgar struggles to help his sick father to get necessary medicine. The bridge into town is destroyed. His grandmother tells him an old legend saying the rain will stop if he makes a list of 40 bald men who live in the village.

Nothing else helps and the boy decides to use this old magic. A funny and absurd search for baldies intertwines with dramatic events in Asgar’s life. He is a brave boy who has to become temporarily the head of the family. He faces a lot of difficulties and discovers a huge family secret.

LA FUGA / GIRL IN FLIGHT / Побег: девочка в полете

26.05 (Sunday) / 19:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
27.05 (Monday) / 14:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Switzerland, Italy, 2017, 75 min. 12+ Russian Premiere.

Silvia is an eleven-year-old girl whose life is dominated by her mother’s clinical depression and her father’s inability to help get her mother back to normal life. Silvia boards the train to Rome from her small town in Tuscany, all alone. On the train she meets a Gypsy girl Emina, who is thirteen, yet very clever and resourceful. Silvia follows Emina to her Gypsy camp and stays there overnight.

Silvia’s parents panic and try to find their daughter. Emina finds out all this watching the news and persuades the girl to come back home. “Girl in Flight” is inspired by a true story and is a sincere, emotional and uplifting tale about a wilful girl whose spirit changed the lives of both herself and her family.

Tel Aviv on Fire / Тель-Авив в огне

28.05 (Tue) / 16:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
29.05 (Wed) / 19:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall

Luxembourg-Belguim-Israel-France, 2018, 97 min. 12+ Russian Premiere.

Salam, a Palestinian living in Jerusalem is 30. He works on a popular Palestinian soap opera «Теl-Аviv on Firе» as a trainee. The show is filmed in a border town of Ramalla and each day Salam passes through the checkpoint twice. When Assi, the commander of the checkpoint finds out that Salam works on his wife’s favourite soap opera he starts giving him ideas for the story’s future development.

Soon Salam realises that Assi’s ideas will help him in his career and that he might write the script himself. Everything goes very well until the opinion of the sponsors on the finale of the show clashes with Assi’s wishes. Salam finds himself between a rock and a hard place: an army officer and Arab sponsors; he has to take the right decision.


31.05 (Fri) / 19:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
02.06 (Sat) / 14:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Nigeria, 2018, 83 min. 12+ Russian Premiere.

The story is about four young men from Nigerian slums who only have five hours to sort out their problem. Tunji and his friends Chikodi, Effionga and Abraham took his uncle’s car for a joyride and crashed it into a pole. They have to get the money and have the car fixed before Tunji’s uncle gets home from work.

Thanks to a lot of humour their adventure is carefree and easy and their friendship, determination and courage are so strong that one does not notice the frightening poverty of the slums.

Lucania / Лукания

28.05 (Tue) / 13:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
29.05 (Wed) / 19:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Italy, 2018, 85 min. 12+ Russian Premiere.

Rocco, a widower farmer, lives in the south of Italy with his daughter, a wild girl unable to speak since the death of her mother. She posseses the gift of talking to the wind and spirits. One day Rocco refuses the offer of a guy who wants to bury toxic waste on his land in exchange for money. Here begins the story of a great sacrifice and a magic space between the mountains and the sea, where everything is much bigger than it seems.

Full of magic reality, the film reminds us of eternal values. The girl is the metaphor of The Earth itself forced to witness the fatal clash between the farmer and those who want to poison the fields. The girl symbolises the Earth and she will do everything in her power to save and revive it.

The Testament / Свидетельство

29.05 (Wed) / 13:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
30.05 (Thu) / 19:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall

THE TESTAMENT, Аustria-Israel, 2017, 94 min. 12+

Yoel, a meticulous Jewish historian devotes his life to Holocaust research and preserving the memory of the most tragic events in the history of his people. While looking for evidence of the location of the mass grave in an Austrian village dating from 1945, he discovers that his mother is living under an assumed identity. Yoel is willing to risk everything to discover the truth.

The film reflects two polarized sides of modern Israeli society that have nothing in common apart from historical memories. Yoel chooses to sacrifice his identity. He comes to believe that revealing the horrific historical truth is his mission in life and the most important landmark for the past and the future of the Jewish people.

Chuva É Cantoria Na Aldeia Dos Mortos / THE DEAD AND THE OTHERS/ Дождь – это пение в деревне мертвых

29.05 (Wed) / 16:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
30.05 (Thu) / 14:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Portugal, Brazil, 2018, 114 min. 18+

Ihjac is an indigenous Kraho from the north of Brazil. He suffers nightmares since he lost his father. He walks into a dark quiet forest full of spirits and snakes. His father’s voice calls and asks him to organize the funerary feast so that his spirit can depart to the village of The Dead.

Denying his duty and in order to escape the process of becoming a shaman, Ihjac runs away to the city. Far from his people and culture, he faces the reality of being an indigenous native of contemporary Brazil, he sees how old traditions are ruined, mean nothing in the modern world and that the heritage of indigenous land is destroyed.


27.05 (Monday) / 19:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
28.05 (Tuesday) / 17:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

RUSSIA, 2017, 132 min. 16+.

This film is about war without a clear frontline. There are no battles or even enemies. But death is there, hand in hand with the war. The war never spares anyone. It takes lives and destroys destinies. Its most vulnerable victims are women and children – inevitably the first casualties of war.

Events take place at different times, around 1920, 1942, 1996 and 2017, but form an exiting and moving epic story. All events are joined by the same theme – apostasy – showing what happens when a human being renounces the Christian faith and its foundational beliefs.


27.05 (Monday) / 13:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
28.05 (Tuesday) / 14:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Russia (Yakutia), 2016, 84 min. 16+

A young man dies as a result of an accident. Another youngster, who was responsible for this event, is arrested by the police and commits suicide. His father is an old lonely villager. He tries to overcome his grief and adopts a homeless teenager.

The old man treats the boy as his own son and tries to change his ways and teach him the skill of making unique boxes. The old man sees in this teenager the reason to live and gradually comes to terms with his sorrow. However, the father of the murdered boy is unable to forget and forgive. He sees only one way out – revenge for the death of his son.


26.05 (Sun) / 13:00
27.05 (Monday) / 16:00

Russia-Lithuania, 2019, 124 min. 18+

Yegor is a vet in one of the hunting dog training stations in the middle of nowhere. Foxes, deer, badgers are his life. He lives in an outhouse next door to the owner’s house. He treats animals, cleans cages, looks after workers and meets clients and their dogs. It is easier for him to deal with animals than with people. He is prepared to take any job to become closer to the owner of the station, Nickolai Ivanovich and his family.

This film is about fine lines between worlds. There are loneliness and love, fathers and sons, the modern world and traditions, the inability of people to take responsibility. The film director senses the pulse and the essence of what is going on. He hears the heart-beat. The heart-beat of the World.

Documentary films

BLIND / Слепая

29.05 (Wed) / 11:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
30.05 (Thu) / 12:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Меxico, 2018, 30 min. 12+ Еuropean Premiere.

Мilya lost her eyesight when she was a baby, but has managed to set an example for many people. Not only did she herself learn to live with her disability, but also started teaching other blind people how to discover their hidden potential talents. Her life story and personal courage are convincing proof that there are no restrictions but only obstacles that anyone can overcome if they wish.

Sarala Virala / ORGANIC SAGE OF INDIA / Органический шалфей Индии

31.05 (Fri) / 13:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
01.06 (Sat) / 17:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

India, 2019, 51 min. 12+ European premiere.

The main protagonist of the film is an 80 year-old farmer. He is teaching his children, grandchildren and pupils how to grow organic crops. The influence of the modern world is lost on him. He remains true to his principles and beliefs and is happy to share his knowledge of traditional agriculture with everyone who comes to him for advice.

Immer Und Ewig / THE JOURNEY – A STORY OF LOVE / Путешествие – история любви

30.05 (Thu) / 16:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
31.05 (Fri) / 17:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Switzerland, 2018, 85 min. 12+ Russian Premiere.

A couple in their late sixties are travelling through Europe in a caravan. Niggi is an inventive photographer and Annette, a painter and the love of his life, has been paralysed from the neck down for the last 20 years. They are accompanied by the filmmaker (their daughter) who asks them both important and sharp questions: how their life has changed, what are they afraid of, what are they sorry about and what are they dreaming of.

This is a deeply intimate film, full of family love, showing the courage, wit and charm of this unusual couple. A real life story – a manifest of life and love that conquers all.

THE WHITE MAZE / Белый лабиринт

30.05 (Thu) / 11:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
31.05 (Fri) / 12:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Аustria, 2016, 52 min. 6+ Russian Premiere.

Hauni and Mattias are from Austria. They decide to conquer the highest and one of the most remote peaks of the world, Pobeda Mountain in Yakutia. The difficulty is not only the height and the icy slopes, but also the fact that it is very far from civilization. The nearest village and road are 350 km from the mountain, and the closest helipad or hospital are 1300 km away, in Yakutsk.

Our protagonists have filming equipment, there are five people in the crew. Without helicopter support this becomes their personal mission impossible. The nomadic family living not far from the mountain chain is their last hope.

Άσε τη βαρκούλα να τρέχει / LET THE BOAT SAIL / Пусть лодка плывет

01.06 (Sat) / 11:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
02.06 (Sun) / 12:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Greece, 2018, 53 min. 12+ Russian Premiere.

Lukas, a 75 year-old yachtsman is always sailing and rarely walks ashore. On this occasion he takes on his boat a small film crew to sail in the Aegean Sea. Several days later two out of three members of the crew leave the boat unable to stand the hardships: ascetic sailing chores, frequent changes of weather, storms and strong winds make it even more difficult. But Lukas never loses his enthusiasm and sense of humour even if he is sailing alone.

Several weeks later the director of photography, the only crewmember who stayed, has to leave as well, due to force-majeure. Lukas finds a substitute, but very soon realises that the character of this new crew member is diametrically opposed to Lukas’s personality. Still they must co-exist together despite this.

THE CAMEL HERDERS (SAREVO) / погонщики верблюдов

31.05 (Fri) / 11:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
01.06 (Sat) / 12:00/ City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Иран, 2017, 30 мин. 12+ European Premiere.

Said and Abdulla, two village boys, decide to restore the dying traditions of camel husbandry. Said is a Shiite and Abdulla is a Sunnite. This example and also peaceful coexistence of Shia and Sunni in their village proves the strength of self-respect and the possibility of joint efforts to achieve a good common cause.

SIBERIA: RAIDERS OF THE LOST AGE / Сибирь: в поисках затерянного времени

31.05 (Fri) / 11:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
01.06 (Sat) / 12:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

France, 2017, 36 min. 12+

Russian geophysicist Sergei Zimov, together with his son Nikita, wants to prevent the permafrost from thawing due to climate change. The ice in Siberia contains microbes that once thawed could tilt the world climate beyond human control.

This story eliminates the borderlines between utopia, science and reality. Vast endless areas of Siberian virgin snow meet with the story of father and son whose intention is to fight global warming.


29.05 (Wed) / 11:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
30.05 (Thu) / 12:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Russia, 2018. 28 min. 12+ Russian Premiere

Olga Baranova, master of sports in international rowing brings up four children and is the head of Sortavala State Inspection of Small Vessels. Her husband Andrei Baranov, a former international athlete, is an arch- priest now.

This film is about the life of this couple in a small Karelian town of Sortavala on the shores of Lake Ladoga near Valaam Monastery. It describes the heroic deeds they carry out in everyday life.


26.05 (Sun) / 16:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
27.05 (Mon) / 17:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Russia, 2017, 110 min. 12+

This is a story of ordinary people who live in remote villages of Altai. They are descended from those who came to live in Altai three centuries before and have lived there ever since. They do not care about many things that worry the people living in a metropolis. They are strong and free and have not lost touch with nature.


28.05 (Tue) / 11:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
29.05 (Wed) / 12:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Russia, 2017, 52 min. 12+

A young scientist is in love with microbiology, and his passion for science is infectious. Right in front of the audience he and his colleagues create ecologically pure fuel; he is looking into ways to reverse global warming and discovers new useful bacteria.
The film starts in the Caucasus where our protagonist visits villages to collect data for his research and continues in Moscow in the laboratory of Moscow State University where scientists are trying to preserve useful microorganisms in alien environments.


27.05 (Mon) / 11:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
28.05 (Tue) / 12:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Russia, 2016, 45 min. 12+

A documentary anthology, comprising five stories that reveal the fantastic world of Sakhalin Island and its people. Young cinematographers who came here for the first time in their lives show us life stories of people living on the island. The main characters have different professions. The film crew stayed several days in a far away fishemen’s camp on the shores of The Okhotsk Sea, then they filmed oil production, visited the isolated and barely accesible Cape Patience, got to know the dynasty of miners in Uglegorsk and explored the village of Due where the first settlers came to live.


26.05 (Sun) / 11:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall
27.05 (Mon) / 12:00 / City Palace of Culture. Small Cinema Hall

Russia, 2018, 52 min. 12+

Оlga Nickolayevna Bunina brings up a large family. She has been world champion in armwrestling 13 times, so she is one of the strongest women on the planet. She is a coach for people with restricted mobility and she herself is wheelchair bound.
In this film Olga tells us about her large family, her pupils, sport and what gives her strength to overcome life’s difficulties.

Name. Hero and time

A number of events dedicated to Vladimir Menshov, an outstanding Russian filmmaker, winner of the Academy Oscar Award. Films directed or acted by Vladimir Menshov will be on screen, there will be discussions and meetings with the audience.

О Владимире Меньшове:

Vladimir Valentinovich Menshov is a Soviet and Russian theatre, cinema and TV actor, film director, screenwriter, producer and TV presenter. People’s Artist of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, winner of the State Prize of the USSR (1981), and State Prize of the RSFSR named after N.K. Krupskaya (1978). His film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” won the Oscar Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (1981).

His cinematic career began when he was 31, when he played in “Happy Kukushkin”, a short comic film directed by Alexander Pavlovsky (1970). He became famous after playing his second role of Semen Bobrov, a Chairman of a Collective Farm “Pobeda” in the film “A Man in his Place”(1972). Menshov’s debut as a director took place in 1976 wnen he was 37. The film “Practical Joke”, a romantic drama about the life of classmates brought him fame and the State Prize for his film crew. But the crowning glory comes at the age of 40. In 1979 the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” is released. It’s the story of three young girls who come to conquer Moscow from very small provincial towns; it becomes a cult movie and remains forever in the golden collection of the best Soviet films. The film also receives that most prestigious Oscar award as the Best Foreign Language Film. Since that time the name of Menshov and his wife Vera Alentova (who played one of the leading parts in the film) is known to all Soviet and subsequently Russian cinema-goers.


Director: Vladimir Menshov

Hero and Time International Festival Opening Film

25.05. (Sat) / 18:00 / City Palace of Culture. Grand Cinema Hall

Vasily Kuzyakin, an employee of the forestry commission, with a hobby of pigeon breeding, lives in a village with his wife Nadezhda and three children. Once he was injured while working and was given a free voucher to a sea resort to recuperate.

At the resort Vasiliy meets Raisa Zakharovna and when he comes back he moves in with his new love. A new life starts for him full of events that are interesting and sometimes hard to understand, but in this life there is no family home, no Nadezhda, no children and no pigeons…


Director: Karen Shakhnazarov

26.05. (Sun) / 17:00 / Pushkin Gallery

Мoscow, 1986. Ivan, a young school graduate, fails university entrance exams and gets a job as a courier at the «Knowledge Issues» journal editorial office. He lives in his own imaginary world in the hope of meeting extraordinary people who do not exist. And yet they do, because one day, making a delivery to the flat of the famous Professor Kuznetsov, he meets his daughter Katya…

Vladimir Menshov plays the part of Oleg Nickolayevich, a guest at Katya’s birthday party…


Director: Vladimir Menshov

27.05. (Mon) / 17:30 / Pushkin Gallery

Life poses senior school classmates their first “adult” questions. They are bidding farewell to childhood and rethinking their attitude to friendship, love, talent and rivalry. The teenagers must decide themselves how best to realize their dreams…


Director: Vladimir Menshov

28.05. (Tue) / 16:30 / Pushkin Gallery

Moscow in the Fifties. Three young provincial girls come to Moscow in search of everything people hope to find in all capitals of the world: love, happiness and financial security. Their lives evolve in accordance with their individual characters.

Antonina gets married, brings up children and loves her husband. Ludmila treats Moscow as a lottery in which she is bound to get a winning ticket and be happy. Katerina falls in love, but her lover abandons her…


Director: Vladimir Menshov

29.05. (Wed) / 16:30 / Pushkin Gallery

An unlikely story about sets of twins who were born to the same mother, all unknown to each other. One was adopted by Gypsies and became a Gypsy Baron, the second was raised in an orphanage and is now a world famous Jewish musician. The third was brought up by his aunt and became a professional thief and con artist. Thanks to his talents he cons a Mafia boss and steals from him a fabulous diamond, “The Saviour of Russia”.

THE ENVY OF GODS, Russia, 2000

Director: Vladimir Menshov

30.05. (Thu) / 16:30 / Pushkin Gallery

Moscow, 1983. A TV editor Sonia and André, a Russian translator from France, meet in Moscow and fall in love. Sonia’s husband is a successful writer and they have a teenage son. André also has a family in Paris. But suddenly everything else disappears except their sudden violent passion. For a few days of their life they are absolutely happy, but gods do not stay indifferent…


Director: Karen Shakhnazarov

31.05. (Fri) / 17:00 / Pushkin Gallery

The protagonist of this film is sent to a small town on business and finds himself in a fictional town that looks normal on the face of it, but the absurdity of day to day life becomes visible here. Zerograd reveals one mystery after another and it becomes more and more difficult for our hero to return to reality…

Vladimir Menshov played the part of the public prosecutor Nickolai Ivanovich Smorodinov.


Director: Dmitry Dyachenko

01.06. (Sat) / 16:30 / Pushkin Gallery

What do men talk about? They talk about women but also about jobs, money, cars, and football… but mainly about women. And if they have a couple of free days away from their families and offices, chores and commitments, for example two days on the road full of events and adventures, you can be sure they will have time to discuss many subjects. And women could have discovered a lot of new facts about themselves…


Director: Vladimir Menshov

26.05 – 1.06 / City park named after Stanislav Govorukhin

There are never any vacancies in hotels, which is why business travellers have to pretend to be or even get drunk, so that they will be taken…to a sobering up station.


Director: Vladimir Menshov

26.05 – 1.06 / City park named after Stanislav Govorukhin

The phone keeps ringing in the office reception. The secretary answers the director is busy – it is either a meeting with an academician or the arrival of a delegation. Finally the director becomes available and turns his attention to a humble employee who is patiently waiting. He discovers that they graduated from the same University. The director praises the man and promises him promotion. And it happens! The lucky guy is now working in a new prestigious job … butcher in the supermarket.

Special programme

SVETLANA NEMOLYAEVA, Meeting with the audience

26.05. (Sun) / 15:30 / Pushkin Gallery

Svetlana Vladimirovna Nemolyaeva, People’s Artist of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, is a Soviet and Russian theatre and cinema actress. She has been one of the leading actresses of Mayakovsky Theatre since 1959. She was awarded the prestigious national prize “Golden Mask” (2013) and two Audience Choice awards “Star of the Theatre” (2012, 2014), as well as many other awards and prizes.

She has been filmed since early childhood and became known thanks to the role of Olga Larina in the film “Evgeny Onegin” (1958), but her real popularity came with the roles in Eldar Ryazanov’s films: “Office Romance” (1977), “The Garage”(1979), “Say a Word for the Poor Hussar” (1980) and “Promised Heaven” (1991).

Svetlana Nemolyaeva has played more than 50 theatre roles: Ophelia in “Hamlet”, Masha in “Irkutsk Story”, Negina in “Talents and Admirers”, Elisabeth Tudor the Queen in “Vivat, Vivat Regina,” May in “A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, Аnna Andreevna in “Inspector General” and many more.

This event takes place within the framework of the program “I am an Artist” with the support of Stavropol Region Administration.


26.05. (Sun) / 21:00 / Stage in front of Pushkin Gallery

Sergei Bezrukov, People’s Artist of Russia, the legend of the Russian theatre and cinema unexpectedly debuted as a rock singer with “Krestny Papa” (Godfather) pop group on his 45 birthday, 18 October 2018. The group had just been formed that summer but they managed to prepare a two-hour show with songs from the debut album “Romance” of “Splin” (Cover) group and with compositions based on Sergei Yesenin and Vladimir Visotsky’s poems.

According to Bezrukov himself all songs by the group are devoted to the most important things: “the joy of living and love”.

This event takes place within the framework of the program “I am an Artist” with the support of Stavropol Region Administration.


27.05. (Mon) / 21:00 / Stage in front of Pushkin Gallery

Мероприятие проходит в рамках программы «Я-артист» при поддержке Правительства Ставропольского края

Dmitry Kharatyan, People’s Artist of Russia, is a popular film actor, singer, TV presenter and entertainer. Dmitry has been conquering the hearts of cinema and theatre audiences for 40 years with his emotional, diverse and energetic performances both in Russia and abroad.

In this concert Dmitry performs songs from famous films: “Naval Cadets Charge!”, “School Waltz”, “Hello, Аmerica”, “There is just a Flash”, “Sword song”, as well as compositions from well-known bards: B. Okudzhava, V. Visotsky, O. Mityaev, Yu. Vizbor, and songs based on the poems of A. Pushkin, B. Pasternak, G. Shpalikov, E. Yevtushenko, I. Brodsky, Yu. Levitansky.

This event takes place within the framework of the program “I am an Artist” with the support of Stavropol Region Administration.

STANISLAV DUZHNIKOV. Meeting with the audience.

30.05. (Thu) / 15:00 / Pushkin Gallery

Stanislav Duzhnikov,Russian theatre and cinema actor, People’s Artist of Russia and Honoured Artist of Mordovian Republic.

Since 2001 he has been acting in the theatre under the direction of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. In 2009 he was invited to Moscow Art Theatre named after A.P. Chekhov. He started his cinematic career in 1995 and achieved fame having played the roles of Tolya Pistemeev, nicknamed “Bomb” in “Demobbed” (2000), Misha Dotsenko in TV serial “Kamenskaya” and Leonid Voronin in sitcom “The Voronins.”

This event takes place within the framework of the program “I am an Artist” with the support of Stavropol Region Administration.

МTSIRI Performance Students of the Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow), workshop of O.B. Drozdova, People’s Artist of Russia and D.A. Pevtsov, People’s Artist of Russia)

31.05. (Fri) / 14:00 / Pushkin Gallery

«To live and think again…» — is a recital by the first year students of the theatre school based on the poem by M. Lermontov «Мtsiri» that describes the fate of a hero who was taken prisoner in his childhood and brought up confined to a monastery.

White cloth is used in this performance as the only prop. It floats around on the stage, changing its shape and is perceived as a visible symbol of the real “force of fate” of our hero. The white cloth accompanies him as he enjoys freedom for just three days of his life.

This event takes place within the framework of the program “I am an Artist” with the support of Stavropol Region Administration.

ANTON ADASINSKY. Laboratory DEREVO. Dancing and poetry spectacle RAKUSHKA (SHELL)

30.05 (Thu) / 20:00 / Pushkin Gallery

«…Do not look here and there — it is not for you. Look inside yourself. Try to see what is deep in your heart. You forget that all the sensations in the world: rains and sounds, towns and birds, stars; absolutely everything is focused on yourself!». Аnton Adasinsky will talk, sing and play and in this way he will present to us parts of his book «RAKUSHKA», written by him on the roads of the world on tour with “Laboratory DEREVO”.

This event takes place within the framework of the program “I am an Artist” with the support of Stavropol Region Administration.

АNTON ADASINSKY. Screening of the film SIGNATURE, as well as the other fragments of film works by Adasinskiy. Discussion

Anton Adasinsky is a Soviet and Russian actor, theatre director, choreographer and musician. He is the creator and director of theatre DEREVO, a participant of rock group AVIA. He was a student of V. Polunin studio-theatre and was a member of his “Litsedeyi” pantomime theatre. From 1985 to 1988 Anton performed with AVIA rock band (singing, pantomime, trumpet, guitar). He took part in the filming of Alexei Uchitel’s documentary film «Rock (1987) In 1988 he founded theatre DEREVO in Leningrad and has been its director ever since.

In 2001 Anton Adasinsky performed the part of Drosselmeyer in the Nutcracker of Mariinsky Theatre (directed by Mikhail Shemiakin)

In 2013 Anton received a prestigious Nika award as the Best Actor in Faust (Mephistopheles), a film by Alexander Sokurov. In the same year, together with Mikhail Shemiakin, Vecheslav Polunin and Pavel Semchenko made the film “Signature”, which he himself described as the “memorandum of collective unconsciousness”.

This event takes place within the framework of the program “I am an Artist” with the support of Stavropol Region Administration.


01.06. (Sat) / 21:00 / Stage in front of Pushkin Gallery

Dmitry Pevtsov, a Soviet and Russian theatre and cinema actor, singer, musician and teacher, People’s Artist of Russia, will present a concert programme “Ballad about Vysotsky” as a tribute to the great bard.

There was so much told, sung, shown and invented about Vladimir Vysotsky! Many documentary and full-featured films, retrospective shows, memorial evenings, etc. It seems that there is nothing left to be added apart from just singing his songs and enjoying his fantastic and always up-to-date poetry. It is exactly what Dmitry Pevtsov and his musicians from «Pevtsovъ-orchestra» are offering their guests the opportunity to do.

This event takes place within the framework of the program “I am an Artist” with the support of Stavropol Region Administration.

ОLEG NESTEROV. FROM THE LIVES OF PLANETS Musical tribute to halted films of the sixties

Музыкальное посвящение неснятым фильмам 60-х

31.05. (Mon) / 21:00 / Stage in front of Pushkin Gallery

Мusic: «Меgapolis»

This is a musical tribute to Russian films of the 1960s that were halted mid-production. The short period of the “Thaw” in Russian history and cinema, a sudden breath of fresh air of freedom, the birth of new cinematography, success that followed success: numerous awards in Cannes ( “The Cranes are Flying” 1958, Gran Prix, “Ballad of a Soldier” and “The Lady with the Dog” 1960, “Cronicle of Flaming Years” 1961, “Оptimistic Tragedy” 1963, “Lenin in Poland” 1966). Venice Film festival awards (“Peace to Him Who Enters” 1961, golden medal, “Ivan’s Childhood” 1962, Gran-Prix, “Introduction to Life” 1963, “I am Twenty” and “Fidelity” 1964). Suddenly the political climate changed drastically, freedom dissapeared. At “Mosfilm” studio in the autumn of 1963 twelve films were halted mid-production and by the end of 1968 the vast field of new cinema turned into an enormous cemetery of halted films.

«From the Lives of Planets» uses music, multimedia, unique archive documents, photos, and excerpts from films in order to demonstrate the story of four films that had to be produced by the most talented film-makers of the 1960s.


25.05. (Sat) / 20:00 / Stage in front of Pushkin Gallery

The group “PELAGEYA” unites acclaimed virtuoso musicians that have won numerous international awards. The soloist is the real “Russian national treasure” who received the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church as well as the acknowledgement of the veterans of Russian rock music.

“PELAGEYA” is successfully balanced between alternative interpretations of traditional music and mainstream trends, becoming the country’s first widely popular group resurrecting Russian folk singing traditions.

VLADIMIR VAZAK, SARANSK. WORLD CUP film screening, discussion

26.05. (Sun) / 18:00 / City Palace of Culture. Lecture Hall

Saransk, (650 km from Moscow) was the smallest town in Russia selected for FIFA World Cup matches in 2018. It is a provincial town with 300 000 inhabitants in Mordovian Republic. Did this event help the town?

ALIKA SMEKHOVA, Meeting with the audience

27.05. (Mon) / 14:00 / Pushkin Gallery

Аlika Veniaminovna Smekhova, Honoured Artist of Russia, is a Soviet and Russian theatre and cinema actress, singer and TV presenter.. Her most popular songs are “Don’t Interrupt” (duet with Alexander Buinov) and “Alien Kiss”.

Alika will present to the audience excerpts from her films, musical clips, poems, songs. And all this will be accompanied with heart-warming conversation.


27.05. (Mon) / 18:00 / City Palace of Culture. Lecture Hall

Маxim Chepukhalin is a well-known expert in multimedia technology. He has been managing several companies dealing with light, video and audio installations for the last six years, such as “Sila Sveta” – one of the biggest companies of its type in the world, Art Gallery “Triumph Gallery” and “Pitch” –the company for engineering creative design that links multimedia technology and art .

In his lecture Maxim will tell the audience about multimedia technologies; he will explain which of them are the most advanced and how they interact. He will also talk about interactive cinema, new forms and evolutionary tendencies in the future of cinematography.


28.05. (Tue) / 15:00 / Pushkin Gallery

“Thaw” revives the lyricism and romance of the sixties. It is a sentimental play about spring that can come in any season of the year, about girls who stay young no matter how old they are. We see a small room on the stage and the audience is presented with confessions of young women, romantic and naïve, poet’s muses brought up reading romantic novels. They share with us their dreams, hopes and expectations. They recite the poems of the sixties written by Bella Akhmadullina, Rimma Kazakova, Robert Rozhdestvensky; texts for the songs composed by Mikael Tariverdiyev, Adrei Eshpai and Oscar Feltsman.

Artists: Аlisa Grebenschikova, Таtiana Kolosova, Alina Nenasheva

Directed and produced by Аlisa Grebenschikova

Duration: 60 minutes

VITAMINS Оp-Khlop Orchestra. Concert

28.05. (Tue) / 21:00 / Stage in front of Pushkin Gallery

A legendary orchestra of professional musicians that have healing powers. They easily capture the audience with their superb entertaining abilities and skills. Their profession is to create a festive mood and make the audience laugh and enjoy the performance. The musicians themselves describe their concert: “It is simple! We play – you dance. We sing – you sing along. We work – you relax!” Facts confirm that “Vitamins” Orchestra has hurricane strength and guarantees that nobody will keep from dancing.

VADIM TSALIKOV, BESLAN. MEMORY film screening, discussion

29.05. (Wed) / 14:30 / Pushkin Gallery

Film studio «M»-Film, 2014, 56 min., 12+

The heroes of this film are our contemporaries who were caught up in the Beslan terrorist attack; former pupils, teachers and those who were with them. They survived and will always remember those who are no longer with them…


29.05. (Wed) / 18:00 / City Palace of Culture. Lecture Hall

Аndrei Drozdov is the head of SMART Comics centre in the library named after Anna Akhmatova. His lecture  «Comics: Myths and Reality of Modern Cinematography» is the history of film comics from serials to Uber-blockbusters. The audience will discover how comics influenced the development of world film-making, the names of the pioneers of this genre in movies, how the art of comics was born, who invented them and what is hidden in the world of comics’ heroes and their creators. Some secrets of screen versions of famous comics by Fellini, Mario Bava, Roger

Vadim, Barton and others will be revealed as well…

ТIPSI TIP. Concert

29.05. (Wed) / 21:00 / Stage in front of Pushkin Gallery

Alexei Antipov, known by his stage name of Tipsi Tip, is a Ukranian hip hop performer from Krivoy Rog. He released eight studio albums, the last of which was recorded in October 2018. He was one of the singers in Zakhar Prilepin’s song album “We will not leave our cities” in 2017. He created artistic union “Shtora”, and recorded three albums with them: “Shtornik” (2013), “Ne Khvatilo” (2014) и “Zeleny” (2015).

Tipsi Tip’s songs are characterised by poetic images and attention to burning social issues; he uses traditional sample beats as well as instrumental variations.


30.05. (Thu) / 18:00 / City Palace of Culture. Lecture Hall

Nestor Saenz Campos is a photographer and an independent film director. He began his career in 2000. He worked at a non-commercial TV station and at the same time started his own small video film company. In 2015 Saenz became a post graduate of feature and documentary film-making and in 2018 his first short film “Blind” received a number of prestigious awards. Nowadays Nestor is working on a new full feature documentary project named CELEMANIA.

DIAPASON Jazz Band, Concert

30.05. (Thu) / 21:00 / Stage in front of Pushkin Gallery

Evgeny Alekseevitch Shishlenko, a musician, conductor and arranger, came to the resort city of Zheleznovodsk in the sixties. He suggested that the City Administration should set up a permanent orchestra to entertain the holiday-makers. His idea was well received and supported by city residents, the administration and tourists. Last year the Municipal Pop Band of Zheleznovodsk celebrated its fiftieth anniversary and is well known nationally. Petr Borisenko is the Conductor and Artictic Director of the DIAPASON Orchestra.

ОLGA VOLKOVA Meeting with the audience. A Tribute to Eldar Ryazanov.

02.06. / 15:00 / Pushkin Gallery

Olga Volkova, People’s Artist of Russia, was one of the favourite actresses of Eldar Ryazanov. He filmed her in his timeless films: “Station for Two”, “A Cruel Romance”, “Forgotten Melody for a Flute”, “Promised Heaven”, “Hello, Fools!” and “Still Waters”.

The actress will tell the audience about her home, traditions, actor’s destinies, how roles are created and about working with Eldar Ryazanov. She will introduce the book she wrote titled “The Crossroads in Life: about my Home, about my Theatre”.


02.06. (Sun) / 21:00 / Stage in front of Pushkin Gallery

Emir Kusturica’s musical career is as accomplished as his cinematic one. The list of new recordings of the great Balkan film director’s band – The No Smoking Orchestra – grows more rapidly than the number of his films.

Kustirica has been playing bass guitar for 20 years and half of this time he was playing with this orchestra. The No Smoking Orchestra has been touring internationally playing classical film music as well as rock. It is one of the most popular orchestras from Eastern Europe and its concerts are unique.


Documentary films competition program Jury

АNTON ADASINSKY actor, director, choreographer and musician, creator and director of theatre DEREVO, participant of AVIA rock group
EDUARD BOYAKOV founder of the Festival, Artistic Director of Maxim Gorky Moscow Art Academic Theatre, producer, director
DMITRY MIKHAILIN journalist and media manager. Ex-Publisher of the Russian Reporter magazine. General Director of the Russian Reporters Non-Profit Organization
АNASTASIA MIKHAILOVSKAYA journalist, war correspondent, political scientist, artist, fashion designer, actress, symbol of the Eurasian Youth Union
ZAKHAR PRILEPIN writer, founder of the Festival
IVAN TVERDOVSKY documentary film director
EVGENY FATEYEV Director of the agency Streetart, founder of Stenograffia street art festival, member of the Community Council of Yekaterinburg
AZAMAT TZEBOYEV semantic field producer, Сhief Editor of Menu Group, creative director of Public Image Agency
HAMED SOLEIMANZADEH film critic, philosopher, researcher

Feature films competition program Jury

EDUARD BOYAKOV founder of the Festival, Artistic Director of Maxim Gorky Moscow Art Academic Theatre, producer, director
LARISA BRAVITSKAYA actress, scriptwriter, designer, founder of the club “Mayak”
ALEXEI GINTOVT artist, winner of “Каndinsky Award” 2008 in nomination “Project of the Year”, аrchitect
VADIM GORYAINOV film producer, founder of the Festival
HIEROMONK DIOMID (KUZMIN) cinematographer, churchman, independent researcher
YURY KOROTKOV script writer, director. Winner of the film prize “Zolotoy Orel”
SERGEI LUKYANENKO writer, science fiction writer
SERGEI MOKRITSKY cameraman, director and script writer, laureate of the State Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Prize of Moscow
АNDREI NOVIKOV-LANSKOY publisher, artist, radio presenter of Saturday hour in “Kommersantъ FM”. Chief editor of the journal “Preserved by the State”. President of International Pushkin Club. Director of PEN Russian
MAXIM PANFILOV director, actor, producer, director of the company “Vera”. Winner of the Taffy and Golden Eagle Award
YANA POPLAVSKAYA actress, TV and radio presenter, teacher, Academician of Russian Television Academy
SERGEI PUSKEPALIS film director, actor, producer, President of the Festival
SLAVA ROSS film director, screenwriter, producer
VERA STOROZHEVA film director, producer and script writer, winner of Moscow International Film Festival Golden St. George Prize
VIACHESLAV TELNOV executive director of Cinema Foundation, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation
SERGEI CHLIYANTZ director, film producer, screenwriter. Member of the Producers Guild of Russia
KATHARINA DOCKHORN film critic, cultural expert, independent journalist. Member of the Board of the Federal Association of German Journalists (Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Medienjournalisten), member of FIPRESCI.
LIDIYA FEDOSEEVASHUKSHINA actress, People’s Artist of Russia

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